Frequently Asked Questions

Yes of course you can, however you will need to sign up for the Fix Hack service as well, to get the original Hack cleaned up first. 

If you get hacked when you are on one of our packages, then we will fix the Hack / malware. 

However, if the hack is pre-existing the package sign up date, then you will need to sign up to a Fix Hack Service with us. 

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your website will not be hacked when you sign up with us. 

Hacks come through many different ways such as brute force, loading dodgy plugins, not updating when security risks are exposed etc… 

It is like having the best security for your house but leaving your front door open when you go out.

On the Business Plan, we keep weekly backups, with a retention of 7. 

On the Business Plus Plan, we keep daily backups, with a retention of 14 days

We recommend using our AI Machine Learning Assistant:

  • Your website is on shared hosting or cloud
  • Your website is the face of your business
  • You care about your business’s reputation

Securing your website is as simple as 1… 2… 3…

  1. Sign up with us
  2. Install our plugin
  3. Let the magic begin

Typically, the firewall  will need two days to finish learning completely. Learning is required to analyze your website traffic and thus reduce false positives.

If after two days after installation the firewall does not block attacks, please contact us.

Our antivirus scans every 6 hours and scans automatically each time the filesystem changes. There is also an option to start manual scanning by clicking the rescan button in the right top of the module.