Prevent. Detect. Respond.

Monitor Your Website 24/7

Stay on top of emerging website security threats. Protect your business’s reputation by prevention, detection and repair – Secure WordPress Today.

Secure WordPress Firewall


Firewall saves your websites from hackers, bad bots, Dos Attacks and many others.

Secure WordPress Antivirus


Powered by Machine Learning engine our Antivirus scans your files and removes malware.

Secure WordPress Monitoring Services


This is used to help improve on your website’s overall health and reputation.


Proactively stop intrusions and emerging threats based on Advanced AI Software.


AI Advanced Machine Learning Antivirus to protect your website from attacks


Monitoring will help you improve your website’s health and reputation.

Vulnerability Management

70% of all security breaches are due to vulnerabilities with applications and poor server configurations such as open ports that are back doors for hackers. Our Advanced AI Machine Learning Technology will estimate a website’s security, detect misconfigurations and give recommendations.